Touchscreen Laptops – Pay Monthly, Weekly or Pay Later

Bad credit may seem like the worst label you could carry as a consumer. While bad credit is a major hindrance in scoring a credit card or a mobile phone contract, it doesn’t really stop you from purchasing small electronics like laptops. Several retailers like Lookagain have very lenient approval terms for credit purchases, and may even skip the credit check altogether. If you are in the market for a laptop on bad credit, you might want to stay one step ahead of the curve and go for a touchscreen laptop!

Touchscreen laptops are essentially regular clamshell laptops with a touchscreen. Some touchscreen laptops may even have a swivel ball which allows the screen to twist; on one side the screen is a part of the laptop and when flipped to the other side, it makes your device a tablet! Even then, the technology manufacturing industry has very polarized opinions about touchscreen laptops. These two sides can be fairly described as Apple v. the rest.

Apple has been adamantly against touchscreen laptops, asserting that they are not user-friendly. However, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP and several other Windows-based manufacturers believe that touchscreen laptops are the way ahead. Several leading brands have released touchscreen laptop models based on Windows 8 that can be bought with credit from catalogs or online retailers like Perfect Home.

Purchasing a small electronic on credit is a way to redeem oneself and set the path to a better credit score. Regular payments on your bad credit purchases will set a good precedent in the eyes of future lenders. A touchscreen laptop is a good purchase when you have bad credit because the payments are likely to be quite manageable.