Spread the Cost on Laptops, Macbooks & Desktops

We live in an environment of rapidly changing technology and vigorously competing products. Before you know it, your favorite gadget is obsolete and everyone has a newer, better model in their hands. When this happens to shoes or clothes, you can manage to go out and shop. But, how do you react when your laptop is suddenly considered outdated? How do you react when all your classmates, colleagues and friends are privy to a wonderful object that you can only covet? Simple: you turn to the retailers that offer pay weekly options for laptops.

Pay Weekly or Monthly at various Catalogues
Catalogue shopping, a long-time favored method of shopping, is now enriched with several finance options that allow you to pay weekly for your laptops. Littlewoods is particularly highly regarded for its pay weekly scheme. Under this scheme, you can pay for any purchase over 20 or 52 weeks (£100 min. purchase for the latter), interest-free. This significantly reduces your weekly payments, so you could get an Acer or Lenovo laptop for less than £5 a week. If you wish to spread your costs further, you could pay weekly for 2-3 years at 34.9% APR.

Dial a TV also allows you to pay weekly for any purchase from its wide collection of laptops, found in the computing section on the website. They don’t rely only on your credit report, but try to actually get to know you and then decide whether you are eligible for credit by looking at your current ability to make repayments. Further, they don’t usually require any deposit for the pay weekly laptops. Remember that there is never a guarantee of getting accepted, you must first pass the credit and affordability checks.

Advantages of Spread the Cost Deals
Pay weekly and monthly plans allow you to spread your costs so that you are only paying a nominal amount out of each paycheck. This allows greater ease for financial planning than paying a large lump sum amount, which can cause a notable dent in your budget. Spread the cost plans are also the pillars of your future credit shopping, as making your payments regularly improves your reputation among lenders. If bad credit is keeping you from a credit card or phone contract, use pay weekly contracts as a gateway proof for your next application.

Most catalogues don’t demand a deposit and give you a generous interest-free period. In effect, they give you time without asking for anything in return. If the old adage “time is money” is to be believed, pay weekly and pay monthly laptops are making you a profit! Use this profit for sunbathing or deep-sea diving, but don’t waste it on a hefty lump sum payment that empties your pockets!

Why should you only covet those revolutionary products that could make your work and home life so much easier? Laptops are no longer a domain exclusive to highly paid executives, celebrities or rich heirs. Every individual can enjoy speed, quality and comfort with laptops from catalogues like Littlewoods, Lookagain, etc. Spread the cost is your path to an efficacious, potent and pleasing day, every day!