Cheap Laptops on Finance from UK Catalogues

The competition in the computer industry is simply fierce with low margins and a number of manufacturers. But prospects for a buyer have never been brighter. With technology evolving at a breakneck speed, prices have also remained low due to the global financial crisis. A variety of medium to high end laptops are available in the range of just £200-£500.

But launching new technology and lowering the price of laptops is just not sufficient to survive the competition. Companies are coming up with more and more innovative ideas to lure the customers. One of the master strokes in this battle is the introduction of weekly payment schemes. To attract customers who can’t afford laptops outright, weekly payment schemes are the new weapon of choice for stores. A number of stores like Lookagain offer this option to their customers who’ve passed their credit and affordability checks.

However this is not only a method to get more customers but also a service which these stores are offering to people who are unable to buy laptops but seriously need it. Whatever their motives are, ultimately customers stand to gain. Getting laptops on weekly payment basis is not as easy as it seems. A customer needs to file an application and he/she is required to prove that he/she would be able to consistently make the payment on a weekly basis. However, paperwork is minimal and no credit history is involved.

To verify the customer’s credentials, the store or company follows basic protocol. It generally includes checking the age (should be at least 18), the duration for the customer’s stay in city (should be substantial) and a verified salary report. You urgently need to buy a laptop for work or studying or even just entertainment, pay weekly schemes are definitely something you should look into.