Laptops on Finance

Check out the best places online where you can buy a laptop on credit using a buy now pay later or spread the cost payment plan.

There are over a dozen online catalogues and stores where you can find very flexible finance options on all sorts of electricals. These include pay monthly, pay weekly and pay later on laptops, macbooks and desktops.

Some retailers will even offer you an interest free period whilst others are perfect for people with a bad credit rating. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now pay later is perhaps the most common credit plan available for laptops. Using this you can get the laptop you want today and pay for at a later date with some stores allowing you pay nothing for up to a year!

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Spread the Cost

Spreading the cost is a great way to make the cost of a laptop more affordable. Most catalogues offer a pay monthly plan for laptops, whilst some even allow pay weekly and pay fortnightly.

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Cheap Laptops

With prices continuing to rise many of us are looking for a cheaper option and there are some very good deals on cheap laptops. Even catalogues, which are notoriously more expensive have a range of cheaper models.

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Things to Consider

A laptop is now an indispensable asset, whether you are a student, a working professional, a business owner or homemaker. With technology’s booming potential, laptops are getting lighter, faster, smaller and easier to use. The economic benefit of this high demand and rapid innovation is simple – laptops are now more affordable!

With easy credit laptops on finance available from all leading brands and retailers, laptops of all specifications, designs and prices are within your reach. Buying a laptop on finance, as opposed to paying full cash price, helps you spread your costs so that you don’t lose hair due to financial stress!

The process of buying a laptop on finance is free of winding contracts, hidden costs and other intimidating commitments. There are only four things you need to know – minimum monthly payment, credit limit, interest rate and APR. Reputed catalogues like Lookagain and Littlewoods assist you extensively before your purchase so that you are aware of all the necessary information. Some others, like Brighthouse, have even organized their online stacks by monthly price since buying on finance is more common than buying outright.

Further, laptops in the price range of £400-£600 are still considered small personal finance. So while most retailers will do a credit check, their standards are a lot more lax than those of credit card companies or mobile phone providers. Buying laptops on finance is therefore an efficient way to start and maintain a good credit history. If you are already carrying some bad credit, take advantage of buying laptops on finance to amend that situation.

The choice of the laptop brand or model is usually dependent on specifications like screen size, display quality, storage and memory, processor speed, size, etc. A graphics designer will want the best display, while someone that travels a lot will want a compact design. Once you know which laptop you desire, you may start browsing all the different retailers that offer it. This is where decision-making gets really challenging. The wide range of finance options and payment schemes on the market can confound even the most conditioned serial shoppers! Here are some pointers that will help you get your hands on the best laptops on finance:

  • Try asking questions and getting help. The quality of customer service you get is a good indicator of after-sales support – an essential aspect of any durable consumer good purchase.
  • Credit limits vary at different catalogues. Try to use a catalogue that you have a consistent history with, since it will help you get a higher credit limit and lower minimum payments.
  • Check terms of delivery and returns. Littlewoods, for example, offers free packaging and delivery. Small savings like that can bring down your total cost significantly.
  • Look for interest-free laptops on finance. You won’t have to pay higher than the cash price if you can pay off the total amount within the interest-free period.